Main Elements of Publications Web Design

A well- designed publication website portal is a key component of digital marketing campaign. What does that mean to you? If you are into publishing industry, then you need to design the most appealing website to allure the online audience. E-learning and e-books have been a growing trend these days. From magazines to newspapers and periodicals to kindle edition books, publishing industry have been all geared up to gather the attention of online readers. Building an appealing and informative online presence is essential for publishing and promoting your literary works. Not only it provides you a better exposure and better credibility, but also allows you to get connected with an engaging audience across the virtual platform. 

What are the key factors required for a successful publication website design? Take a look at the following points to get a better insight. 

Simplicity is the key. Attractive web design doesn’t mean you should overload the pages with unnecessary design elements or use too many colors. Always make it a point to keep the web design layout simple and subtle. Users are coming to your website for purchasing a book or to read an article, not to evaluate the web design. So, keep it simple rather than overdoing. 

Navigability determines the user experience. An online visitor should be able to find everything easily. A navigation system acts as the road map of your website. If the navigation is clear and simple, then the users will stick to the website and have a good experience. As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to stick to a simple navigation structure. 

Consistency retains the overall look and feel of your website. Background images, color combinations, design patterns and even the style of writing should be consistent across all your website pages. Following the same old conventions of website page structure is also a good move, as it provides the best experience possible for your site visitors.

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