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Magento web development platform is one of the leading open source technologies in use on the web. Being a free ecommerce web development platform, Magento ensures cost effectiveness to business enterprises of all sizes and niche. Flexibility, versatility, ease of use and search engine friendly features are some of the major factors that make Magento a popular choice in the digital market. Whether it is about building a B2B online store or B2C shopping cart based website, Magento open source technology can be an ideal choice. But before you hire a professional to work on your Magento ecommerce development project, there are several factors you need to look for. In this blog, we will check out the main factors that you need to take into account when choosing the right Magento professional. 

Experience and expertise are the primary factors to look for. You need to ensure that the company you are going to hire has an in-depth expertise in delivering quality services. Do conduct a background check to find more information about the web development company. You may read the customer testimonials, reviews and case studies in order to assess the reputation and credibility of the perspective web development company.  

Portfolio is an integral factor that speaks about the practical exposure and creative skills of the developer. Having a detailed look at the portfolio can give you a clear idea about the company’s commitment to clients, their work style and turnaround time. Moreover, the portfolio provides you a clear picture about the methodologies and process.

Customer support is a key element to look for. Establishing a clear and effective communication is essential to avail successful results from outsourcing. Moreover, post development support is also important for improving the reliability, efficiency and performance of your ecommerce solution.
So, when it is about hiring a Magento or PHP web Development Company, make it a point to find a team that listen to your needs and delivers bespoke solutions without breaking your bank.

Established businesses can afford to spend huge money on website design and development, whereas small scale businesses and start-ups find it challenging to afford the expensive web development services. That is where the role of open source web development platforms comes to limelight. Magento, one of the popular ecommerce web development platform is open source and is available at free of cost. Most of the expert developers prefer Magento for building ecommerce stores. Let us check out the main factors that favour for the increasing popularity of Magento ecommerce development

Navigation through Magento ecommerce stores is a breeze. Ease of navigation and search is a crucial element that contributes to the success of an ecommerce store operation. An online store built with Magento web development platform ensures user friendliness and ease of use. No matter whether your shopping site has small or extensive range of products, the users can browse through the site without any hassle. 

Magento supports more than 50 currency types and 60 languages which allow the business enterprises to expand their market reach. Users can pick and choose their currency and language. Magento powered ecommerce store with multi-language, multi store and multi-currency support ensures flawless online sale process.  

Integration of third party applications, payment gateways and database access are significant for running online store applications. Shopping cart solutions backed with Magento web development platform makes the integration process easier. Apart from that, Magento’s inbuilt report generation feature allows you to collect data on different online sale operations thereby monitoring consumer trends.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role in driving traffic to your online store. Magento web development platform, with its SEO friendly features and tools increases the popularity and search engine rankings of your ecommerce store. 

Above mentioned are only some of the many benefits of choosing Magento for your ecommerce development project.  But make sure to hire a skilled Magento programmer in order to avail bespoke web solutions.

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